The most dangerous sports – TOP 10

top 10 most dangerous sports

Everyone finds an occupation to their liking. Some people like to mess around with cars or bikes in the garage, others spend a lot of time playing computer games or mobile pokies for real money, and some people do not see life without playing sports. Some sports represent a serious danger to health and even life. Meet – the most dangerous sports – TOP-10.

10th place – rafting


Surveying of the most dangerous sports, we will start with the last meta, on which rafting is located. Not all visitors to our site are familiar with this sport. It is an alloy on rafts (small rafts) along mountain rivers. The most dangerous here are the rapids, which are divided into five categories according to the level of complexity. If you want to go rafting, it is worth remembering about the potential danger to health, and sometimes life.

Here are some of the most common dangerous situations in this sporting discipline:

  • Injury – when a raft crashes into a stone at high speed or it is not possible to pass the threshold well, you can get a strong bruise, fracture or even lose consciousness.
  • Siphon – by this word understand the obstacle, when the flow completely leaves under the rock. If a person has landed in a siphon, where it has jammed, the chances of saving become minimal.
  • Hitching – the greatest danger is a hitch on the swift current. When trying to get on the feet of an athlete covers with water and a great risk of drowning.

Getting under a raft is quite a frequent situation during rafting and it’s important not to start panicking.

9th place – surfing

surfing dangerous

About surfing is known to many and on TV it seems very fascinating. Professional surfers travel the planet in search of the biggest waves. Of course, this sport forces the body to throw out large doses of adrenaline. Perhaps you think that there is nothing dangerous in surfing, and you are mistaken.

Let’s look at the most dangerous situations that are not uncommon in this sport:

  • Dangerous injuries to the head and limbs – as surfing is associated with the conquest of high waves, it is believed and not without reason. One of the most dangerous sports. If the athlete could not keep on the board, then a strong wave could well hit him on the bottom.
  • Sharks – professionals seldom pay attention to their safety and can be in the places where these bloodthirsty predators hunt.
  • Adrenaline addiction – all sports that are associated with the release of adrenaline can be considered dangerous. A person quickly becomes accustomed to the sensations that cause high doses of this hormonal substance and after that is no longer able to stop.

8th place – football

football is dangerous

It may seem strange, because almost all the boys in football play in different countries of the planet. However, this contact sport and professional football players are often injured. Scientists have conducted a study and found that during one season, players receive an average of 200 injuries of varying severity. Even minor damage was taken into account, for example, bruises and abrasions.

It should also be recalled about other dangerous factors that trap players on the field:

  • Death is not uncommon when the body does not withstand the loads and the athlete dies during training or even during the match. First of all, it concerns the cardiovascular system.


  • Injuries from heavy objects – football fans are known for their aggressive actions and athletes can suffer from the objects thrown by fans.
  • Head injuries – in the air fight for the ball, there is often a collision of the head of two players, as a result of possible concussions of the brain of varying severity.

7th place – hockey

Ice Hockey

Another very popular sport in our country, the high traumatically of which is well known. And hockey in this matter is much superior to football. Very often the teeth of hockey players suffer. The thrown washer flies at high speed, and even a protective kappa is not always able to prevent injuries. All fans of hockey are waiting for brawls between hockey players, as they consider them one of the elements of the game. However, this can lead to various dissections or concussion of the brain. It is not necessary to talk about how serious the injury may be, after the player’s encounter with the harbor. In hockey, situations are not uncommon when an athlete can not leave the site himself.

6th place – rock climbing

rock climbing

This is quite an entertaining sport, but it is extremely dangerous. Surely you also understand the dangers of a climber. If you start them all, then it will take a long time. On such trifles as abrasions and bruises, most athletes do not even pay attention. But there is no need to forget that there is always a risk of falling. Another dangerous factor is the lack of prompt assistance.

5th place – rodeo


This sport is very popular only in some countries of the world. However, this fact does not reduce the danger of rodeo for a person. According to statistics, about 80 thousand injuries, including fatalities, are recorded in this sport over the course of the year. Imagine what statistics could be if the rodeo was as popular as, for example, football! Only to sit on the back of a bull you need to have great courage.

4th place – diving

dangerous diving

This is a very popular sport, which provides an opportunity to contemplate the beauty of the underwater world and even with a lucky coincidence to communicate with the “local residents.” Unfortunately, sometimes such meetings can become lethal.

Among the main dangerous factors, we note:

  • Marine predators – the underwater world is indescribably beautiful and at the same time dangerous. In the depths of the sea, many predators hide, and it is not limited to sharks alone. Some marine inhabitants can enter a poison that paralyzes a person.
  • Problems with the work of equipment – one of the most dangerous troubles, which can lie in wait for a diver at depth. If help does not come on time, death can not be avoided.
  • Barotrauma – surfacing to the surface is a fairly complex process. At this time, you can not hold your breath, and also fill the lungs with plenty of air. Otherwise, the lung tissue can tear and damage the blood vessels. Differential pressure is a serious danger to the body. That’s how smoothly we came to the top three of the most dangerous sports of our TOP-10.

3rd place – cave diving

dangerous cave diving

If you still think diving is a safe sport, then with cave diving, the situation is completely different. Athletes do not just dive into the water, but make trips to caves, in which a lot of dangers may lurk.

Here are some of them:

  • A lot of predators live in the caves, and they will not be happy with the uninvited guests.
  • Failures with equipment can lead to death.
  • If the diver is stuck or lost, the risks of death increase dramatically.


2nd place – heliski


Not every person has even heard this word, not to mention getting to know this sport. Of course, only bold people can do it, which can demonstrate outstanding skills in skiing. First the athletes get into the helicopter, which delivers them to the mountain top. Note that none of the athletes are familiar with the surface on which they will move.

As a result, it is impossible to predict. What surprises await them under the snow. Do not forget about the possibility of avalanches, which can not be saved in the mountains. In fuller it is possible that athletes will face an absolutely impassable terrain and for survival it is necessary to seek a way out.

1st place – base jumping

base jumping

Meet the leader of the TOP-10 of the most dangerous sports – base jumping. This word should be understood as jumping from ground objects. It can be a mountain, a bridge, a skyscraper, etc. One of the main dangerous factors is the opening time of the parachute. If this is done late, the athlete will die. In addition, there is a great risk of entanglement in the lines and in this case the outcome is death. Also, remember that the athlete after the jump is forced to stay near the object. You probably already understood that the possibility of a collision is great, the outcome of which is not difficult to predict.

Step by step process to master any sport of your choice

The sport has been gaining popularity all over the world, and there are many who aspire to take their love of sports to a serious level and also there are those who play just for recreation. There are no cons to learning how to play a sport. Learning and playing a sport has some benefits- It keeps you healthy and fit, and it is good for strengthening the brain as well. From learning to mastering a sport, one has to go through some stages of progressing be it any sport. So here is the step to step process of learning and to master the sport of you wish to master.

  1. Before you start any sport and way before you get that expensive equipment- take the time to learn about the sport. The origin, the terms used; the right equipment for your current level, rules and so on- you can learn from the articles, forums, books, magazines, etc.
  2. Take lessons. You can take first lessons and learn the basics. The basics may sound like a small part regarding the whole journey of mastering the art of the sport, but it is a very crucial stage. Learning the correct way of holding/handwork/footwork and mastering the basics; having a strong foundation can lead you far in the future.
  3. Be fit and stay fit. Physical fitness matters a lot whether you are just learning or whether you have already mastered the sport. Being fit enables you to do anything that involves your body much easier. Also, it strengthens your body’s endurance, footwork, stamina, mental focus. Furthermore staying fit helps in preventing soreness or injuries.
  4. After you have mastered the basics, you can go further on and refine your skills based on the need. After mastering the basics, you will be able to detect your errors and others as well.
  5. After you have refined your skills, you can move on to learning the skills. You will be able to move more at ease, and with the refined skills, perhaps you can learn or come up with your own technique or strategy in winning the game. Once your skills are refined, it gives you the ability to analyse your game as well as to analyse your opponent’s and making the game lean in towards your favour.
  6. The most common thing that we find in all the sports and the one thing that all the professional athletes do and are advised to do so are simply to keep on practising and practising. Be consistent in your practice while maintaining the quality and the quantity of the practice.
  7. Even if it is for recreational or for a professional purpose, taking part in a competition is beneficial in many ways. It allows you to know your level and to analyse your game and strategy and also lets you know the level of the players out there.  Losing the competition may not feel very nice, but you can bounce back up and improve for your next game.

Qualities of a good sportsman that everyone should know

Being a good sportsman, of course, requires one to be good in sports but certain qualities can set the individual stand out from the others- in a good way. Some of the qualities that make a good athlete and that have also played a role in their road to success are:

  1. Strife to drive to your success. Just having the talent is not enough to be world-class. Most of the athletes, who are where they are now, are because of their drive, their motivation and their determination. They strive to excel in their field even with all the setbacks. Moving forward with humility without ever stopping till they reach the objective
  2. Being disciplined. A good sportsman is disciplined as he follows his schedule/routine regarding exercises, practice and even maintaining a healthy balanced diet.
  3. Commitment is one of the qualities that you will see in the world-class athletes. To achieve your dream, you need focus at the aim and keep out distractions. Being committed to your sport comes with a price to pay as you will have to sacrifice your time for other things for the sport.
  4. Being a good positive competitor. To be a good sportsman is to be competitive in the sport and aim to win. But sometimes some situation may be negative and not how you wanted it to be. Even if your opponent wins, it is the duty of a good sportsman to congratulate the other and be happy for him/her and not be negative. Being positive and take the loss in a good healthy way so that you can work on enhancing your skill further.
  5. Being brave. There are chances of failing in some competitions, but a good sportsman is one that is not afraid of failure and sharing those experiences of failure to others as there is nothing to be ashamed of. You can learn a lot more from failures than from success. Also through failures, you can learn and adopt new mindset or a new way of approaching something new. It also requires one to be brave to know when to seek for help or assistance to be the best you can be.
  6. No regrets. There will be situations or outcomes of the game that is not favourable, but it is up to the sportsman to decide if the outcome of the match will hold him/her back and stay in the past or move forward. Having regrets is a powerful thing that can influence the individual so make every opportunity count and give your best instead of regretting about it.
  7. Using time wisely. A good sportsman manages his time wisely. There is a need to practice the sport for hours, but it doesn’t mean you use up all of your time on it. There are other priorities in life that you can’t ignore, so it is crucial to managing time wisely and dividing it to practising, work, family, friends as needed.

How to make a career in sports?

There are those who have turned their dreams and their passion into a career. So you know that it is not an impossible dream for one to do the same but at the same time, it is not an easy path and only a selected few can achieve it. If you are truly passionate about sports, there are a plethora of opportunities and career paths in sports and its related area that you can take such as:

  1. Professional field player- When it comes to setting a career in sports, the first thing that comes to mind is a professional sports player, playing full time. It is, of course, the most glamorous path as compared to the other sports career paths.
  2. Sports Administrator- a Sports Administrator’s work can e exciting and needs to be innovative. The role involves one to make sure that the sports club or the organisation run smoothly. The role also requires to organising sports related events, running sports facilities. This career path is a combination of sports and also marketing and advertising.
  3. Sports Development Officer- Being a Sports Development Officer can an interesting job. Its role is to provide the opportunity to various sections of the community to take part in sports or other physical activities while promoting sports. There are courses offered in universities to study sports development so you can take it up if this area is what you wish for.
  4. Sports therapist- If you want to work in sports, another opportunity is that of Sports Therapist, you can be specialised on various issues. The role of a Sports Therapist is to work with athletes to know if their body is balanced and if they are not and if they are injured, then it is the job of the therapist to assure that they regain their proper fitness. To attain this career path, you can go for a sports therapy degree course in universities.
  5. There are also an ample amount of courses related to sports that you can take.
    1. For Bachelor degree courses there is a number such as
      1. Bachelor of Physical Education
      2. Bachelor in Sports Management
  • BBA in Sports Management
  1. B.Sc in Sports and Nutrition
  2. B.Sc in Sports Science
  3. B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management
  • B.Sc in Physical Education and Sports Science
  1. For Master’s degree courses, there are
    1. Master of Physical Education
    2. Master of Sports Management
  • MBA in Sports Business
  1. M.Sc in Sports Science
  2. M.Sc in Sports Science and Nutrition
  3. M.Sc in Physical Education and Sports Science
  1. For PG diploma courses, some options are available like
    1. PG Diploma in Sports Medicine
    2. PG Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • PG Diploma in Sports Journalism
  1. PG Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition
  2. PGDM in Sports Business
  3. PGDM in Sports Management.

There is also Doctoral degree courses available if you wish to study further on sports. So if you want a career in sports, you have plethora of opportunities to take that step towards achieving your dream

Top 5 trending sports of 2017

Sport is not something new, it has been played for over a very long time, and it has its long history.  Sports have been gaining quite a level of popularity all over the world and with the coming of technology; it has gained a whole new level of popularity. The majority of the population all over watch the matches of various sports via television, online streaming and live matches with so much excitement. So for the year of 2017, the top trending sports which are most loved by many are:

  1. Soccer- Soccer which was first played in the year 1863 has been loved by many since then and is a favourite sport to billions of people all over the world. This sport is the most played sport all over the world. The FIFA is the highest form of administering body of the sport, and some of the most famous and important international and continental tournaments held for soccer includes Soccer World Cup which is held by FIFA, Olympic Games and the Confederations Cup.
  2. Cricket- Cricket was first played in the 15th century in South East England, and it did gain early popularity in Australia, India, Pakistan, the UK and South Africa. Now, it is rising in popularity in several other countries all over the world. The International Cricket Council is the top global governing body of the sport. The ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, the Ashes series are some of the most important tournaments in the world of Cricket.
  3. Tennis- Tennis as a sport has been around for so long now and it is one of the top individual sports played all over the world. Tennis is played by a high number of people as a recreational sport as well. There are some tournaments held for tennis, and some of the most important tournaments in the world of Tennis are the Wimbledon Championships, the French Open, the Australian Open and the US Open. The body that administers the game is the International Tennis Federation.
  4. Field hockey- The game can be dated back to as early as the middle ages in England, France, Scotland and Netherlands. Although this sport has been played for a long period, it is still maintaining its popularity. The International Hockey Federation is its highest governing body and the biggest tournaments in this sport are the Olympic Games and Hockey World Cup.
  5. Table tennis- First played in the 1880s, compared to the other games above, table tennis as a sport is relatively new, but it has captured the interest of people all over the world now. The highest governing body in this sport is the International Table Tennis Federation. The rules are not very complex similarly with its equipment. The game is fast paced, and it requires the players to have quick reactions and reflexes. The top biggest major professional table tennis tournaments are the Olympic Games and the World Championships.