How to make a career in sports?

There are those who have turned their dreams and their passion into a career. So you know that it is not an impossible dream for one to do the same but at the same time, it is not an easy path and only a selected few can achieve it. If you are truly passionate about sports, there are a plethora of opportunities and career paths in sports and its related area that you can take such as:

  1. Professional field player- When it comes to setting a career in sports, the first thing that comes to mind is a professional sports player, playing full time. It is, of course, the most glamorous path as compared to the other sports career paths.
  2. Sports Administrator- a Sports Administrator’s work can e exciting and needs to be innovative. The role involves one to make sure that the sports club or the organisation run smoothly. The role also requires to organising sports related events, running sports facilities. This career path is a combination of sports and also marketing and advertising.
  3. Sports Development Officer- Being a Sports Development Officer can an interesting job. Its role is to provide the opportunity to various sections of the community to take part in sports or other physical activities while promoting sports. There are courses offered in universities to study sports development so you can take it up if this area is what you wish for.
  4. Sports therapist- If you want to work in sports, another opportunity is that of Sports Therapist, you can be specialised on various issues. The role of a Sports Therapist is to work with athletes to know if their body is balanced and if they are not and if they are injured, then it is the job of the therapist to assure that they regain their proper fitness. To attain this career path, you can go for a sports therapy degree course in universities.
  5. There are also an ample amount of courses related to sports that you can take.
    1. For Bachelor degree courses there is a number such as
      1. Bachelor of Physical Education
      2. Bachelor in Sports Management
  • BBA in Sports Management
  1. B.Sc in Sports and Nutrition
  2. B.Sc in Sports Science
  3. B.Sc in Sports and Recreation Management
  • B.Sc in Physical Education and Sports Science
  1. For Master’s degree courses, there are
    1. Master of Physical Education
    2. Master of Sports Management
  • MBA in Sports Business
  1. M.Sc in Sports Science
  2. M.Sc in Sports Science and Nutrition
  3. M.Sc in Physical Education and Sports Science
  1. For PG diploma courses, some options are available like
    1. PG Diploma in Sports Medicine
    2. PG Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • PG Diploma in Sports Journalism
  1. PG Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition
  2. PGDM in Sports Business
  3. PGDM in Sports Management.

There is also Doctoral degree courses available if you wish to study further on sports. So if you want a career in sports, you have plethora of opportunities to take that step towards achieving your dream